Energy Efficient 'A' Rated Windows

A high-quality uPVC frame will help to drastically lower heating bills and increase the overall value of your home. We work alongside Liniar to deliver a truly groundbreaking uPVC profile. Each individual frame is supplied with a ten-year guarantee.

Our uPVC Profiles and Energy Efficiency

Research has proven that poor quality uPVC and ill fitted products are responsible for up to 20% of a home’s total waste. Our Liniar profiles have been intelligently designed to minimise this.
Our uPVC windows hold fantastic energy saving values, without the use of harmful materials such as lead and steel. This makes our uPVC frames kinder to the environment, as well as being 100% recyclable.

As a material, uPVC is an incredibly energy efficient. Exceptionally workable and tough. Our patented design comes complete with glazing flippers and thermal dams to help minimise cold air ingress and prevent water leaking through. The intelligent frame is constructed from a series of size optimised chambers.

These size optimised chambers trap pockets of warm air, creating a thermal barrier within the frame. Stopping the cold air from transferring into the property. Our uPVC profiles achieve a staggering A+12 in the Windows Energy Rating, from their environmentally friendly uPVC frame.

Why Choose TruFrame for your Liniar Windows?

We are proud to be the largest independent fabricator of Liniar profile throughout the UK. We operate from a 40,000 square foot factory, based in Melton Mowbray. Our team of highly skilled professionals have been trained to the highest possible standard, and finish all uPVC profiles by hand. We are one hundred percent customer focused, a fabricator you can trust and who boast a 99.5% delivered on time success rate. In regards to progress, we are always searching for ways to improve and offer a more competitive and desirable service.

By continuously reinvesting in the latest technology, research and equipment – we can continue to produce one of the most energy efficient uPVC profiles on the current market, at highly competitive prices.

Find Out More About Energy Efficiency

If you would like to find out further information about the energy efficiency of our uPVC profile, feel free to contact us at any time. Our in-house team of uPVC experts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, helping you to choose the perfect profile for your project.

A+12 WER

The Liniar window system is capable of achieving a WER (Window Energy Rating) of A+12 using a double glazed sealed unit. We are not aware of another window profile system that can match this extraordinary level of energy efficiency.

100% Lead Free

Better for the environment, Liniar frames have always been made from completely lead free materials well in advance of legislation. Moreover, all elements of Liniar profile are 100% recyclable.

Commitment to Recycling

Our uPVC windows are extremely robust and do not need expensive steel reinforcement. They are therefore 100% recyclable making them a truly environmentally friendly product.

Incredible U-values

The popularity of triple glazing is ever increasing creating new and profitable opportunities. With its new 40mm glazing bead, Liniar profile can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/(m²-K) with triple glazing.

More Thermally Efficient

The revolutionary Liniar window system uses the very latest in uPVC profile technology. Its multiple size-optimised chambers are specially designed to lock in the heat and break up mini convection currents.

Superior Gaskets

Our patented double-action gaskets stop gaps from forming thereby preventing heat loss. Memory retentive properties maintain consistently tight weather seals throughout the product lifecycle.

Revolutionary Thermal Dam

Designed specifically to meet PassivHaus recommendations, the Thermal Dam improves the level of thermal transfer which in turn helps to achieve exceptional U-values and Energy Ratings.