• Formation of TruFrame

    David Firmager incorporates TruFrame Ltd. The company begins manufacturing the 65mm Synseal Consort window and door system out of a small industrial unit on St. Mary's Way in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

  • Relocation to Melton Mowbray

    TruFrame has the opportunity to relocate back to the Firmager family's hometown of Melton Mowbray. The company moves into the first two units of its current premises, units 3K, & 3L, providing 5,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

  • Introduction of Duraflex

    Duraflex release the first fully featured uPVC profile system into the market, the 65mm blue-white Diamond suite. TruFrame sees potential in the retail sector and choose to become one of the system's early adopters.

  • Steady growth and expansion

    The company takes on an additional two factory units on the Saxby Road Industrial Estate, providing a total of 10,000 sq ft of factory floorspace.

  • Installation of Stuga ZX3

    TruFrame invests in their very first brand new automated cutting and prep centre which, at this point, is the company's single largest capital investment by a significant margin.

  • The family business...

    Straight out of 6th form, Patrick Firmager joins TruFrame to help project manage installation of the company's second brand new cutting and prep centre, a BJM FTB-100.

  • David's return to TruFrame

    After an extended period of slow business growth, David returns to the company from a position of semi-retirement to assume an active role within the daily management of TruFrame.

  • Partnership with Liniar

    After several meetings between David and Roger Hartshorn, Managing Director of Liniar Ltd, the two companies form a supply agreement. Within three months, TruFrame begins manufacturing the 70mm Liniar window and door system.

  • Further expansion

    The company (finally) acquires the last remaining block of space on the industrial estate, unit 4Q, bringing total production area up to 35,000 sq ft.

  • Brand refresh and first ever trade show

    TruFrame make their industry show debut at the inaugural FIT Show held at Telford International. The show proves to be the perfect platform for the company to unveil their new corporate branding.

  • Additional factory acquired

    TruFrame acquire an additional block of four factory units adjacent to the existing premises, adding an additional 50% space for window and door fabrication.