Why TruFrame Are Different


Our drive, dedication and passion differentiates us from our competitors. The Liniar profile also helps TruFrame stand out in a very crowded market. We are currently the UK's largest fabricator of the Liniar profile by a margin of 40%.

Energy Efficient Products

Supplying a six-chambered uPVC profile capable of achieving A+12 (WER) is by far the most energy efficient offering available, achieving the highest sustainable energy ratings, making it an extremely sellable product for our customers.

Manufacturing Equipment

Our attention to detail must also be noted. Although we use state-of-the-art automated manufacturing equipment and produce in substantial quantities, we strongly believe that everything we manufacture should involve some form of human craftsmanship.

Hand Finished Products

As a result, every single frame is rigorously hand-finished by an experienced fabricator. This meticulous procedure and the level of management we employ safeguards the quality of our product range and makes us unrivalled within the industry.


On top of our 100% lead free products, we also have a strictly 100% recycling policy. All production wastage i.e. plastic, aluminium and steel offcuts are either stored for re-use or put into bins and collected weekly by recycling companies.

Service and Delivery

As a customer focused organisation, we have a 'pro-active quality control' policy and a 99.5% success rate for delivering products on-time or earlier. Therefore our customers are always satisfied with our high quality service and delivery.