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  • Liniar Triple Glazing Specifically designed 🔍

  • Six-chambered Energy Plus profiles 🔍

  • Glazing bead for 40mm sealed units 🔍

  • Trojan 'Mega Egress' friction stay 🔍

  • Features & Benefits

    Hinges Designed for Triple Glazing

    A triple glazed sealed unit is 50% heavier than a double glazed unit. Whilst our standard hinges are capable of carrying this additional weight, in the majority of circumstances, sometimes a more heavy-duty hinge is required.

    TruFrame offer the Trojan 'Mega Egress' Hinges as an optional upgrade for all our triple glazed products, providing a true 'fit and forget' level of reliability whilst offering total peace of mind for homeowners.

    Liniar and TruFrame: A Perfect Match for Triple Glazing

    By becoming a TruFrame customer you will be able to exploit this rapidly expanding sector. You will be able to demonstrate a brilliantly designed product that is built to last, creating new and profitable opportunities in the retail and trade marketplace.

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