5 Tips To Generate More Double Glazing Leads From Your Website

Generating more leads online for your business is always tricky, especially in an industry as competitive as uPVC.

Whatever industry you’re in, it can be a hard fight to win work from homeowners who are investing in a home renovation. Whether it’s extensions and landscaping to window and door replacements, homeowners want to feel confident they’re spending their hard-earned money wisely, which is why competition is so fierce.

It’s important to find your niche in this market in order to set yourself apart from other double glazing installers, to give your business a competitive edge and to entice homeowners to ultimately choose your company over the competition.

Becoming a TruFrame installer is one of those niches, as you’ll receive unparalleled marketing and trade support that you’re able to pass on to the consumer, as well as supplying high-quality, UK-manufactured products.

Keep on reading as we discuss:

  • Embracing digital
  • Building trust and a community
  • Staying up to date
  • Keeping abreast of the offline world
  • Partnering with a high-quality manufacturer 

Start generating more double glazing leads

Embracing digital

Regardless of people’s opinions on technology, the digital world is full of potential rewards. What’s more, it can be a goldmine for generating leads.

Using the right digital strategy, it’s possible to reach homeowners at a crucial point in their journey to finding a home improvement supplier. 

Partnering with TruFrame allows installers to utilise our digital expertise to drive new business in this ever-changing digital world, ranging from reduced-rate website builds to the use of QuoteBuilder.

Build trust and a community

Creating a community through your website and social media can really help to establish a relationship with your existing customers, as well as converting random visitors into potential buyers.

There’s new business, repeat business, and referral business. By building a community, you’re using your previous customers to drive referral business – whereby they tell friends/family of their experience, and they subsequently choose you for their home improvement needs.

One method of pushing this is to offer a ‘referral scheme’. This could easily be created in the form of giving a cashback incentive to any customer who refers someone else. It creates a win-win situation both for your customers and your business.

Staying up to date

It can be quite easy to become comfortable in the products and services you offer, but there’s always new technology and advancements on the horizon.

Staying abreast of the latest updates is vital to ensure that you’re offering your customers the right products, whilst maximising the number of leads you can attain as a result of meeting demand.

For example, in a more technology-driven world, homes are becoming more connected than ever, and windows are no exception. Smart window technology is a great example of something to be aware of, in case a homeowner is specifically looking to upgrade their home for the long-term.

Don’t ignore the offline world

It may seem like everything is digital these days, but it’s important to not completely neglect the offline world.

Offline marketing still has its benefits in driving leads, particularly when trying to reach certain audiences within your overall marketing strategy.

Radio ads, leaflets and other forms of offline marketing are still methods of generating double glazing leads, and are able to target audiences that may not be receptive to online advertising.

Partner with a high-quality manufacturer

As we’ve mentioned, TruFrame offers extensive marketing support for our installers and partners. 

However, by offering 24-hour turnaround times, we ensure that none of our customers have to put up with major waiting times, ensuring that you can crack on with the job at hand as soon as you’re ready.

Having a high-quality manufacturer behind your business allows for stress-free installations, freedom to book time-slotted installations, as well as the ability to have unparallelled support on hand to answer any questions you may have.

At the same time, the window and door manufacturer you choose can make or break a deal. 

Homeowners look for a number of benefits when choosing an installer, such as where the products are from, what they’re made of, and the guarantees and insurance that go with them.

Choosing TruFrame enables you to offer UK manufactured windows and doors, made from some of the best materials in the industry that are environmentally-friendly, and come with guarantees to ensure longevity.

Ready to generate more leads through your website?

Take a look at what TruFrame can offer you in the form of trade support, in addition to the leading range of windows and doors we produce.

Our QuoteBuilder tool can help improve the amount and the quality of leads coming through your website. It offers users a free, easy-to-use specification builder able to create a visual representation of the  windows, doors and/or conservatories that the homeowner has just designed. 

Get in touch for more information.

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