Benefits high quality windows and doors can provide to a home

30 April 2018

Whilst replacing doors and windows may not be at the top of every homeowner’s lists, as a project they’re most looking forward to approaching. There are numerous benefits that can help a family, in ways they may not be aware of. From overall safety to energy efficiency and more, listed below are our top five reasons why replacing doors and windows are a solid investment for any homeowner looking to renovate.

Property value

The quality of windows and doors are incredibly important when an assessor is evaluating the worth of a property; energy efficiency, security and aesthetics all contribute massively to final valuations, so it is in any homeowners best interest to ensure their windows and doors are kept up to date. An added bonus of installing modern doors and windows is that new sets come with long-lasting guarantees that are transferable to new occupants, should you chose to move home.


Whilst a little on the nose, it’s important to consider the frequency with which the average household uses their doors. Having doors of high quality that can withstand that constant use and be exposed to the elements and maintain its ease of use is vital to retaining its overall convenience. If doors are poorly constructed they can warp in bad weather and regular use can damage them over time.

Likewise, with windows, regular use can cause wear and tear over the years, leading to warping that causes windows to stick and become inconvenient to use. Thinking back again to the aspect of house valuation, doors and windows that have become difficult to use will be a detriment to any home valuation.

Safety and security

The windows and doors are the homes first line of defence against intrusion, if these fixtures are ill-fitted or built poorly they can easily be bypassed. A high-quality set of doors and windows can be enough to deter intruders entirely. Made-to-measure windows and doors are the best way to increase overall security. As well as this, they prevent any harm coming to the occupants of the home. Over time issues such as cracked glass or protruding parts of the door or window frames can be incredibly unsafe and can cause harm if not dealt with. That’s why at  TruFrame all of our windows and doors come with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee and are fitted with world class Yale locking systems to ensure safety, security and come with their own 10-year guarantee, bringing peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Poorly insulated homes can cause unusually high energy bills each month, and whilst overuse of central heating or cooling systems can cause this. In the first instance, a homes overall level of insulation not only plays a part in causing overuse of these features in the home but can help to prevent energy being wasted. Made-to-measure windows and doors are designed to eliminate drafts completely. As well as this, modern doors and windows are designed in such a way as to keep cold air out and allow hot air in, reducing the need for overuse of heating systems. However, you don’t want your house overheating in summer. So features such as secure ventilation brackets, allowing air to be let in whilst retaining security and state of the art glazing options which dictate whether heat is allowed in based on location within the home.  As fuel costs increase it’s vitally important to think about whether your doors and windows are causing you to overuse your houses heating and cooling systems, as an energy efficient home will save you money on bills in the long run.

Avoid Major Repairs

Doors and windows that fail to protect the home from the elements risk causing internal damage over time. Buildups of moisture can cause severe problems leading to mould and many other types of water damage which may not become apparent to the homeowner until it’s too late to be fixed in a simple manner. By the time you notice, permanent warping or internal rot  can occur which are incredibly expensive to repair. Having quality windows and doors are the best way to ensure the interior of a home is protected from bad weather and the many complications such exposure can bring over time.

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