Be a market leader: go green

18 July 2019

Sustainability is a growing concern amongst consumers at the moment.

The recent scare of damaging plastics in the ocean (which will lead to an extinction of certain sea life) means that consumers are changing their shopping habits to make sure they have a positive impact on the planet.

While cars and plastic bags are often the first thing that might spring to mind for the environmentally-conscious consumer, there’s an increase of homeowners looking for sustainable home improvement products.

In this article we’ll look at Liniar uPVC’s environmental-friendliness, and how uPVC installers can use its benefits to their advantage.

Going green

More and more companies are making the switch to go green and use renewable resources as part of their plans for the future.

The consumer market has changed dramatically in the last few years as consumers care more about where their products are coming from and how they’re packaged. So much so, that businesses need to stay ahead in the market to avoid being left behind if they are not adapting to the constant market changes.

In a recent article, Nielsen reported that sustainability is a hugely hot topic and consumers aren’t being given enough choice in sustainable products. They said that “strategically aligning your business and marketing strategy to meet the unmet demand will ensure that the next big sustainability wave is a win for your brand”.

Therefore it’s important to act now and get on the trend by offering products that meet the growing consumer demand.

The route to sustainability

With consumer trends focusing on sustainability and recyclability, it’s important now more than ever to ensure your business is taking steps to go green.

Using Liniar uPVC products, installers can offer homeowners one of the most sustainable home improvement products on the market and ensure they’re meeting customer demand.

Liniar frames use 100% lead-free materials, meaning their products are equally recyclable. On top of this, the uPVC materials we supply contain size-optimised chambers which trap pockets of warm air, creating a thermal barrier against cold air; this results in a better- insulated home, thus reducing heating bills and minimising the homeowner’s CO2 output.

With the added benefit that all our products are manufactured in the UK, installers can also be proud of the minimal impact their business is having on worldwide shipping, providing peace of mind to homeowners looking for locally-sourced products.

All of this means that Liniar uPVC is as sustainable as possible throughout it’s lifecycle.


In choosing to install uPVC, you’re already placing yourself at the forefront of double glazing fitters by offering a superior product. With TruFrame, however, you have the opportunity to set yourself as a premium and sustainable supplier.

With unparalleled energy efficiency, 100% recyclability and the most advanced uPVC materials, our uPVC is a desirable and cost effective home improvement product; combined with our unique trade support, double glazing installers can easily set themselves apart from the competition.

TruFrame’s trade support is tailored to the needs of double glazing installers, aiming purely to make their services more desirable and therefore more profitable.

Offering marketing support such as branding, brochures, social media management and website design ensures your company has the strongest footing in the marketplace, while our 24-hour turnaround times guarantee a quick service both to you and your customers. On top of this, our installers can benefit from the use of our state-of-the-art lead generation tool QuoteBuilder on their website.

Using QuoteBuilder, homeowners can build a personalised specification from the ground up, choosing from hundreds of combinations of designs, colours, textures and hardware, making your sales process as accessible as possible.

The green revolution is well underway, so there’s never been a better time to position yourself as a sustainable market leader.

For more information, see our energy efficiency page on the importance of using 100% recyclable uPVC and lead-free uPVC products.