How Quality Aftercare Can Save Time and Win Business

The importance of delivering a quality sales service to customers when obtaining new customers is well-known.

However, the services provided to customers after a sale are often forgotten about.

It can be argued that a quality aftercare service can be just as important in driving sales as delivering a premium sales service itself. 

Having a quality aftercare service can make the difference between obtaining a new customer and gaining a repeat customer. Why settle for a simple window repair today, when you could become their first choice for a full conservatory installation next year?

In this article, we will explore what makes up a quality aftercare service and how, in fact, it can save your business time and also win business. 

What is aftercare?

It is said, ‘A good product keeps a customer interested but a good after-sales service keeps them loyal?’

Let’s look at what aftercare is, and why it’s important.

A quality aftercare service is any support provided after purchase which the customer can rely upon. Whether it’s some information you provide to the customer post-installation, or the way in which you handle customer service, it’s all part of the after-sales service.

The customer should be the sole focus even once the installation has been completed. 

An example of a quality aftercare service would be a well-designed warranty system which offers security if anything were to go wrong with the products installed, with an easy way for the customer to get in contact with any claims they wish to make. 

Or it could be as simple as making it easy for the customer to get in touch with any questions they have post-installation, in a way that suits them. Whether this be offering a simple email address to ask any questions, or jumping onto a live chat with a customer.

Customers are more likely to repeat a sale if they feel valued and appreciated and as a result leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

Now quality aftercare has been defined, we look at the advantages of providing a high-quality after sales service.

How a good after-care service can benefit your business

Saves your business time 

As you are aware, responding to customer queries is a time-consuming process and a business can easily be unable to answer each one. 

However, by implementing quality aftercare services, you can help avoid customer queries to begin with by pre-empting queries a customer may have. 

This could be providing a customer up-front information after purchase. 

For example, your business could provide each customer an ‘information pack’ with every window installed educating them about common issues and how to solve them. This, therefore, pre-empts queries that the customer may have and saves them having to contact your business. This in turn saves you time and more importantly it saves the customer time. 

Have you ever had customers ask you why their windows have condensation on them? You’re not alone! It’s a common misconception that condensation on a window is always a problem. An information pack can answer common queries such as those, avoiding wasted time on the phone.

Your business may include a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section for customers which also addresses any queries a customer may face and provides additional support. Similar to an information pack, it compiles all common issues customers may have had in one place. 

As a result, through efficient preparations, you can save your business time, giving you time to focus on winning new business and meeting your objectives.

Winning business

A quality aftercare service goes hand in hand with ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing. 

This is where business is increased through the referrals of existing customers. By investing time in implementing an after-sales service that focuses on customer appreciation is more likely to result in higher customer satisfaction.

It is human nature to share with others when we have received a service or product that we are impressed with.

People buy from people.

Customers act as brand ambassadors; promoting your business, which, in turn, brings in sales and raises brand awareness. 

Your business could provide a follow up call within a few weeks of installation of a new window, this enables you to gain customer feedback and adds a human element which encourages customer relationships. It can also help counteract any potential negative review, helping resolve any problems before the customer has time to publish them for the world to see.

To summarise, a quality aftercare service helps create a rapport between your business and your customers which will most likely result in repeat sales, customer loyalty and referrals to other potential customers. 

Therefore, this is a win for your business. 

A service you can trust

Above all else, the most important aspect to an aftercare service is being a service that your customers can trust.

Being there when they need you.

At TruFrame, we are focused on delivering a high-quality service to each one of our customers. With quick turnaround times on windows and doors, we’re able to meet your business demands. See why double glazing installers up-and-down the country are choosing TruFrame as their manufacturer of choice.

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