Fenestration and the Internet of Things: How Smart Windows and Doors are Changing Homes

4 September 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries, and fenestration is no exception. From voice-controlled blinds to windows that adjust their opacity based on sunlight, the integration of smart technology into windows and doors is revolutionising how we interact with our homes. Let’s delve deeper into this evolving landscape.

Smart Windows for Optimal Lighting and Quality of Life

Envision windows that can adjust their tint based on the time of day or the amount of sunlight. Electrochromic glass, combined with IoT, modify their opacity, permitting homeowners to regulate the amount of natural light entering their homes.

This not only enhances energy efficiency but also significantly improves the quality of home life.

Voice-Controlled Blinds and Curtains: The Tip of the Iceberg

With the rise of smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home, voice-controlled blinds and curtains are just the beginning. The true potential lies in offering homeowners a vast array of smart options, ensuring they enjoy the utmost convenience and modern living standards.

Smart Window and Door Security

IoT-enabled windows and doors can be outfitted with sensors that alert homeowners of any unauthorised access. Moreover, the industry’s move towards ‘lock-free’ smart solutions offers a more versatile approach to security. Paired with advanced home security systems, these features guarantee an unparalleled layer of protection.

There are plenty of use cases for smart window and door security. It could be something as simple as knowing if the front door is locked, or if an elderly relative has left a window open.

These functions can help reduce anxiety and increase security for homeowners.

Energy Efficiency Insights

Integrating smart windows and doors with home energy management systems is more than just a trend; it’s a necessity. With the UK poised to embrace smart technology innovations, these systems can offer insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling homeowners to make informed decisions and optimise energy use.

Already in use are thermostats that can detect open windows and turn off the heating to avoid wasting energy.

The union of fenestration with the Internet of Things is redefining our perception of living spaces. As the UK market gravitates towards these innovations, we can anticipate a future enriched with convenience, security, and sustainability.