How to Market Coloured Windows and Doors To Your Customers

4 September 2023

The world of window and door design has come a long way from the traditional white frames. Today, coloured windows and doors are all the rage, offering homeowners a chance to express their style and personality. But how can you, as a window and door installer, effectively market these options to your customers? Here are some insights.

Highlight the Aesthetic Appeal

Coloured windows and doors can transform the look of a property. Whether it’s a bold black frame for a modern touch or a soft Agate Grey (RAL 7038) for a subtle elegance, colours offer endless design possibilities. Showcase real-life examples or portfolios to inspire customers.

The beauty of the various colour options is that customers can often just take a walk around their local area and they will no doubt find that their neighbours have doors and windows in all sorts of colours, from standard white, to various grey hues, to more extravagant colours, such as red or yellow. This alone can spark inspiration and ideas on what they can do to their property.

If you’re on the way to a customer to provide a quote or consultation, take a moment to look around the local area and see the types of colours other properties are using. Armed with this information, you can make an informed recommendation to the customer.

Emphasise Durability

One common concern customers may have is the durability of the colour finish. Assure them by highlighting the advanced coating processes that ensure long-lasting, fade-resistant finishes. Offer warranties or guarantees for added peace of mind.

Customisation Options

The beauty of coloured frames lies in the customisation they offer. Whether it’s matching the exterior paint, complementing the roof tiles, or creating a contrast, the options are endless. Encourage customers to think of windows as a design element, not just a functional feature.

Stay Updated with Trends

Colours like Agate Grey are gaining popularity. Stay updated with the latest trends in window and door colours, as homeowners’ colour choices are always changing, whilst grey might be all the rage now, it could be something completely different in a few years time. Offer seasonal collections or collaborate with interior designers to get insights into upcoming trends.

Show Colours In-Situ

Whilst showing colour swatches is sufficient to give a homeowner an idea of how their home will look using their colour choice, nothing beats seeing a completed installation, which has the added benefit of also showcasing your workmanship.

Ensure you take pictures of completed installations in different colours and keep a record of these so that you can show future customers how their windows and doors could look in the real-world. Pictures speak a thousand words, and this is certainly the case here, as it provides a fantastic way to give a homeowner some inspiration.

Marketing coloured windows and doors is all about understanding the customer’s needs, staying updated with trends, and showcasing the value proposition. With the right approach, you can tap into this growing demand and drive sales. Looking for a window and door manufacturer that can support the growth of your business? Get in touch.