Liniar Zero|90: Pioneering the Future of Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

30 June 2023
Updated 19 September 2023

As the construction industry gears up to meet the ambitious targets set by the Future Homes Standard, Liniar, a leading manufacturer of fenestration solutions, has taken a proactive step towards revolutionising the market with the introduction of their latest window and door system: Zero|90. 

Designed to comply with the forthcoming 2025 requirement of U-Values of 0.80 W/m²K for windows in new homes under Part L Building Regulations, Liniar’s Zero90 showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and responsiveness to emerging trends and government regulations.

Meeting the Future Homes Standard

The Future Homes Standard, which aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions from new homes, has set demanding targets for energy efficiency. Liniar’s Zero 90 window and door system meets these requirements, providing an effective solution to enhance the energy performance of buildings.

Unparalleled Thermal Efficiency

At the heart of the Zero|90 system lies its exceptional thermal efficiency. With a U-Value of just 0.80 W/m²K, Liniar’s windows and doors minimise heat loss and maximise insulation, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs for homeowners.

By integrating advanced thermal insulation materials and innovative design features, Zero90 helps to create a more sustainable and comfortable living environment.

Smart Design for Optimal Performance

Liniar’s commitment to innovation is evident in the meticulous design of the Zero|90 system. Each component has been engineered to work in harmony, optimising the overall performance of the windows and doors.

From the multi-chambered profiles that enhance thermal efficiency to the precision weather seals that provide excellent weather resistance, Zero 90 combines cutting-edge technology with impeccable craftsmanship.

Enhanced Security and Durability

Liniar recognises that security is a paramount concern for homeowners. The Zero|90 system incorporates robust locking mechanisms and reinforced profiles, offering enhanced protection against intruders.

Furthermore, the durable materials and expert construction ensure that the windows and doors maintain their integrity over time, withstanding the rigours of everyday use and extreme weather conditions.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Customisable

In addition to its superior functionality, Liniar’s Zero|90 system boasts a sleek and contemporary design. With slim sightlines and an extensive range of finishes, homeowners can choose from a variety of options to complement their architectural style and personal preferences. 

The flexibility to customise the windows and doors ensures that every project can achieve a unique and visually appealing result.

Liniar – A Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Liniar has always been at the forefront of the fenestration industry, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards. By introducing the Zero|90 window and door system ahead of the 2025 requirements, Liniar demonstrates its proactive approach to environmental sustainability and dedication to meeting the needs of an evolving market.

Liniar’s Zero90 windows and doors represent a significant leap forward in energy-efficient building solutions, aligning with the upcoming U-Value requirements and the ambitious goals set by the Future Homes Standard.

With its exceptional thermal performance and smart design, Zero 90 windows and doors are sure to become the go-to choice for many architects, builders, and homeowners who prioritise sustainability, innovation and compliance with government regulations. 

By investing in the Zero|90 system, homeowners and businesses can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, all while enjoying the benefits of superior quality and comfort.