PAS 24: What is PAS 24 and what it means for windows and doors

31 July 2021

When it comes to windows and doors, security is often a priority for homeowners and property developers. Windows and doors are often the first line of defense against potential break-ins. 

With burglaries on the rise in the UK, it is, therefore, crucial that they are up to the correct standard in order to best protect your property. 

With this in mind, PAS 24 was introduced.

PAS 24 is a security standard that can only be achieved once a product has undergone thorough testing and  has been assessed for high security performance levels.  Designed to be able to withstand specific break-in methods of burglars in the UK, the reasoning  behind PAS24 is to help to ensure that homes are sufficiently  protected against the threat of opportunistic criminals.

In this article, we take a closer look at what PAS24 means for the manufacturing of doors and windows in the UK and answer common questions regarding PAS24. 

Is PAS 24 the same as Secured By Design?

A common confusion when it comes to PAS24 is it is often mistaken for Secured By Design (SBD). 

Although both PAS24 and Secured by Design are accreditations that test and certify that products meet their comprehensive security standards, they are different standards. 

Designed to test that windows and doors can endure break-in methods used by intruders, PAS 24 can only be obtained after a product has been put through rigorous testing against high security standards. 

On the other hand, Secured by Design is a police security initiative, operated on behalf of the UK Police. It is intended to not only improve the security of homes and their environments and reduce the level of crime but its objective is also to ensure that products will help to keep homeowners safe.

Products have to be first certified by the PAS 24 accreditation before they are to be considered by Secured by Design.

Is PAS 24 a legal requirement?

 In order to comply with current building regulations, it is required that all new builds must provide evidence that their doors and windows have passed the security aspects of PAS24. This means for an installer to fit windows and doors into a new dwelling, they must first show that their products have passed the relevant PAS24 tests.

PAS24 is only required for new residential dwellings. Commercial buildings do not require PAS24, but may still need to meet Secured by Design.

How is PAS 24 tested?

When a product is PAS24 tested, it will go through rigorous tests to assess the door or window as a whole, instead of individual components. This is so that it can be certified that the finished product which the customer receives offers a high level of security. The window or door will undergo a range of tests carried out by a PAS 24 assessor designed to highlight the weakness and vulnerabilities in the door or window’s design in order to identify where it could be strengthened.. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the testing products will go through for PAS 24 certification:

Manipulation testing: 

During this test, the assessor will attempt to gain entry by disengaging the locks or hinges on the door or window. 

Manual cutting testing:

At this stage of testing, the assessor will simply try and open the door or window by making a hole in the product.  

Mechanical loading testing: 

In order to simulate the amount of pressure that would be placed on a door or window if nail bars were used, a sequence of loading tests will be applied. 

Impact testing:

 A mixture of soft and hard body tests are carried out to replicate some of the various devices a burglar may use to gain entry. 

As you can see, in order for a window or door to receive PAS24 certification, they will first undergo extensive testing offering peace of mind for installers and homeowners. 

Why choose TruFrame? 

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With windows and doors from TruFrame you and your customers can rest assured that your products comply with current building regulations and will leave their homes best protected. 

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