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How to market windows and doors even during challenging times

With the cost of living increasing rapidly, homeowners are starting to feel the pinch as day-to-day living expenses and household bills rise. In April, heating and fuel costs rose while national insurance also went up. October is expected to bring another increase in energy bills, and inflation is expected to peak at 8.7% in the […]

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Why Having a Strong Brand Is Crucial for Your Window and Door Company

If you’re a window and door company, it’s crucial to have a strong brand. A strong brand will help you attract more customers and generate more sales. This blog post will discuss why branding is so essential for your business and give you some tips on creating a powerful brand strategy. Branding is essential because […]

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21st July 2022 / Blog

Liniar Overview – Superior Windows & Doors

There are many different window and door profiles on the market for window and door companies to choose from for their customers, but few can compare to Liniar. Made of high-quality materials and designed for superior performance, Liniar will impress your customer base. This blog post will look at what makes the Liniar profile system […]

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Increase Your Door Sales This Summer 2022

Summer is a great time to increase your door sales. Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes and improve before the colder weather arrives. If you want to take advantage of this, now is the time to start planning.  This blog post will discuss some tips that will help you increase your door sales […]

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18th April 2022 / Blog

Top Sales Tips To Attract More Window and Door Customers in 2022

As we move further into 2022, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve to attract more window and door customers. In this blog post, we will discuss the top sales tactics that have been successful in previous years and are likely to continue being successful in the coming year. Some of the vital tactics […]

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17th April 2022 / Blog

Guide to Promotional Marketing Materials for Window and Door Companies

As a window and door company, whether working in installations or supplying products via a trade counter, you know that it can be tough to stand out in a competitive market. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and promotional marketing materials are a great way to do that. This blog […]

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16th April 2022 / Blog

A Rich and Fascinating History of Windows and Doors

It’s hard to imagine a world without windows and doors. These humble elements of our homes and workplaces have a surprisingly rich and fascinating history, dating back to the industrial revolution. This blog post will look at the changes in technologies and trends throughout the years that have led us to where we are today. […]

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