Working From Home: How To Capitalise On Remote Working With Home Offices

30 April 2021

Remote working has become the standard for many of us over the past year with multiple lockdowns. It has seen us converting the spare bedroom into a home office but with some businesses continuing to encourage remote working post-lockdown, it has seen some homeowners going that step further and investing in stand-alone home offices or a conservatory/extension used for office space, with some even going as far as installing what’s termed a ‘garden office’.

With that being said, how can more people working from home benefit the fenestration industry?

How can this benefit your business?

The need for office space at home has never been greater – especially with some companies making remote working a more permanent thing going forward. This need for space has led many homeowners to create extra space in their homes dedicated for home working.

As far as the statistics are concerned, the proof is there with nearly a million home workers having built an outbuilding to work from, nearly 400,000 have built a conservatory and another 400,000 have extended their property to allow for office space. And the trend is growing too. This, therefore, is great news for the fenestration industry with more homeowners looking for installers to carry out the work.

How can your business capitalise on this? 

With growing demand for dedicated office space, one way which your business can capitalise on this is through the services and products that you offer. If you do not currently offer home office builds then this may be something you will want to reconsider in the near future. The same can be said for conservatory and extensions.

And with each of these additional builds, comes additional windows and doors.

How you market the products is just as important as whether you offer them or not. For example, you may well already offer conservatories – but are you highlighting their possible usage as a hybrid work from home office? If not, there’s a missed opportunity to catch the minds of people just browsing.

Where many industries have struggled through the pandemic, the fenestration industry is one industry that has thrived with higher demand than ever before and as lockdown starts to ease, this demand doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. 

Thanks to home working, another avenue has opened up for  fenestration to capitalise on and with the trend looking to continue post-lockdown, if your business doesn’t currently target this demand, your company may be missing out on a growing market. For more information on how your business can benefit from home working through offering home office services, get in touch with us and a member of our expert team will be happy to answer any questions.