Why The Composite Door Changed The Industry

14 August 2020

The composite door is one of the most popular double glazing products on the market today.

And it’s not hard to see why.

With a variety of styles, colours and all of which are fully customisable, the composite door really expresses the homeowners’ character and gives a glimpse into the person living in the home.

But what about for the double glazing industry? When did the composite door craze take off? And why have they proven to be so popular amongst homeowners?

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how the composite door changed the double glazing industry and why we think it’s become so popular.

Why are composite doors so popular?

As many of you may remember, uPVC windows and doors came in three simple colour options of White, Rosewood or Golden Oak.

The opportunity for the homeowner to really customise their windows and doors to match their own tastes was limited and most people ended up having similar windows and doors.

From an installers perspective it was easier but sometimes a hard sell. 

You may have wanted to say what most companies say now “We offer you hundreds of colour options, various styles, lots of hardware and accessories to choose from” but unfortunately, you were limited to the three colours for the products.

But this is the reason why we believe composite doors are so popular, because we’re giving the homeowner the opportunity of choice.

New styles, colours and customisation features

Gone are the days when styles, colours and accessories were limited, where the double glazing manufacturer and fabricator would select these items for the homeowner. They came standard with the windows and doors.

Now, all of a sudden, the homeowner became the manufacturer to an extent, the opportunity to decide whether they want a York, Cottage, Edwardian, Regal, Verona or even Windsor door.

With colour options such as Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green, Moondust Grey, Royal Magenta and more, the homeowner was spoilt for choice.

The choice of which handle to be fixed onto the door from a traditional handle to a contemporary pull bar. Even the choice of adding a letterbox and what colour you’d want it.

Finally choosing the glass of the window in the door you’d want.

And that is the process the QuoteBuilder tool takes homeowners through when they’re designing their perfect composite door.

It is also tools such as QuoteBuilder that have helped the popularity of double glazing products rise.

With first-time buyers often being quite young and tech savvy compared to previous generations, having QuoteBuilder on your website could help improve the amount of leads generated and business won. All before meeting your customers in person.

How easy is it to install a composite door?

Compared to other doors, composite doors usually tend to be quite easy and stress-free to install. But that ultimately comes down to who your supplier is. 

If your supplier is slow to deliver the products you need to finish a job, then that won’t help with the relationship between you and the homeowner as you may have to push back the dates of the  installation due to you waiting on the products to arrive from your installer.

We here at TruFrame pride ourselves on our quick and efficient delivery times so that you can spend more time on the job, installing the composite door and making your customer happy and spend less time worrying about when the products will arrive.

Being environmentally friendly and remaining energy efficient

One of the key factors of composite doors is that they’re highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

All of the products we manufacture are environmentally friendly as we push to be more “green” in what we do and how we work.

Our dedication to quality means we remain at the forefront of the double glazing industry whilst producing high quality products that are not only environmentally friendly but are also the top of the range when it comes to thermal efficiency and boosting energy efficiency within the home.

And with a generation of first-time buyers who are more environmentally conscious about the food they eat, the packaging products come in and the materials they use. 

We believe that one of the reasons why composite doors remain so popular is due to the fact that they’re sustainable and overall “green”.

Will composite doors be phased out for a new door?

Only time will tell if a new door will take over from composite doors, but for now composite doors continue to be the most popular choice amongst homeowners.

With the ongoing increase in safety and security as well as technology being heavily involved in our industry, we suspect that the locking mechanisms will be the first to see enhancements and improvements, smart locks becoming more of the norm than traditional locks.

But just as wooden doors were phased out by uPVC doors, we expect at some point there will be another door that takes the lead and becomes the most popular door amongst homeowners.

Get your composite doors from a trusted supplier

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Our 24-hour turnaround times are competitive amongst other double glazing suppliers and our ongoing trade and marketing support ensures your business looks the best it can be online and backs it up with the products you install from us, offline.For stress-free installations and everything you need and would expect from your supplier, take a look at what we can offer you.