Expand your target market with uPVC

A key part of owning a home is the ability to design and customise it to differentiate the house from neighbours. Whether it’s changing the interior, adding an extension or choosing a unique front door, homeowners love the ability to create a home that fits their exact style.

It’s with this in mind that as uPVC frame fabricators we put an emphasis on the availability of bespoke products on offer from TruFrame. Offering a range of customisable windows and doors will benefit you, because the more variety you offer, the more varied your clientele will be!

In this article, we’ll analyse how offering tailored uPVC frames can impact your business.

Staying ahead of the game

Nowadays, consumers don’t just expect great customer service – they expect a product that’s perfectly-suited to them. With the advancement of technology and such a broad range of choice in the marketplace, why should they settle for a product, and buying experience, that doesn’t bend to their needs?

This is why, as a fabricator, we aim to offer a wide range of products with massive amounts of customisation available to our installers.

Using Liniar uPVC profiles enables TruFrame to offer our installers an innovative system that is always one step ahead of the competition.

Designed and manufactured in Britain using 100% lead-free materials, Liniar profiles come with a 10-year guarantee and endless customisation options, as well as being a Secured by Design-accredited supplier, making
them truly the next step in uPVC products.

Varied products for a varied market

As aforementioned, no two homeowners are the same.

With more and more people making moves to get on the property ladder, there’s never been such a variety of homeowners out there – which is why we’re constantly investing in new methods and products that will allow installers to offer the perfect product, tailored to their clients’ preferences.

Although uPVC’s main selling points are its energy efficiency and superb durability, the factor that will ultimately make the sale between two different products will often be how the product fits into the aesthetic of the house.

For a homeowner who is looking to create a conventional feel to their home, the Flush Sash Window is the most suitable choice. Designed with the traditional look of timber (but with the qualities of uPVC), it can be easily customised using our quote builder tool to have a wooden look through coloured and textured foils such as golden oak and cream woodgrain.

Sometimes it won’t come down to the colour of the product, however, but rather the hardware and actual window options. All our products come with a range of handles and opening(s) options, ensuring the homeowner is able to choose a product that performs exactly as intended.

Even those looking at uPVC door frames can customise their products endlessly.

Homeowners who are looking to create more space or light and open up their home to the outside may opt for a modern Bi-fold door, and these can be customised just as much as our other products. Whether its size, style or colour that homeowners want to make specifications on, they don’t need to compromise when purchasing.

Head to our uPVC windows and uPVC doors pages to see the full list of products available and a breakdown of their key design features.

uPVC truly opens the door to a wider customer base through its varied benefits and endless customisation!

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