How To Gather More Customer Reviews and Build a Reputation?

There are many factors that go into a customer’s decision when choosing a trusted window and door installer.

 One of these factors is recommendations from others about your business. 

What other people are saying about your business can have a drastic influence on a potential customers’ decision to hire you or not.

Word of mouth marketing is an effective way to gain new customers and grow trust in your company. Previous customers act as brand ambassadors, promoting your business. 

This is a cost-effective method to raise brand awareness and loyalty. 

But what if your business is struggling to gather reviews? What can you do? 

In this article, we take a closer look at how your business can gather more reviews and build a reputable reputation.

Gathering customer reviews

In business, the more people are saying about your business the better. Having a mix of good reviews helps to establish trust in your business from the offset.

Here are a few simple ways you can help your business get more reviews:

  1. Build relationships with customers 

Building a relationship with your customer can greatly increase the chances of them leaving you positive reviews. 

No matter the size of your business, it is invaluable to build one-on-one relationships with your customers. The reason some customers prefer smaller businesses is because they feel more valued, make use of that.

There are many ways to slowly gain a rapport with your audience. 

For example, social media is a great way to engage and interact directly with your followers. Over time, this interaction may lead to gaining trust in your brand and brand loyalty. 

People are more likely to recommend people, so by establishing a more personal relationship with your customers will help to gain brand rust that may, ultimately. lead people to leaving your business reviews. 

  1. Improve your customer service 

The truth is, when a customer receives a service that they are happy with, they most likely will want to share this experience with others. This is great news for your business.

Providing quality customer service can be just as important as the service that you provide.

A customer should be made to feel valued and appreciated at all times. 

The speed of your responses, the tone you use when communicating with your customers and the consistency of the customer service you provide all play an integral role in delivering quality customer service. 

Not only is the customer service you provide before and during an installation or service important, it is essential that you offer a quality aftercare service also. 

See our previous article for tips on providing a quality aftercare service.

  1. Incentives 

A great way to increase customer reviews you receive is by offering incentives for customer loyalty and for leaving your business a review.

Incentives may include a discount off of the next purchase for leaving a review.

By implementing an effective reward system, this benefits the customer but also greatly benefits your business by receiving more reviews which may have not received otherwise. 

It is important to note that any incentives should be provided equally to those leaving positive or negative reviews. Some mixed reviews can be beneficial in showing that your business is honest and transparent.

  1. Asking for a review 

It sounds simple but in many cases, a customer is more than happy to leave a review when they receive a service which they are happy with, but often customers need prompting to leave a review. 

There are many ways that a customer can leave a review; this can be through a customer survey or through a third=party recommendation page, for example, Checkatrade or Yell. 

By explaining to a customer that you would appreciate if they took the time to leave your business a review, the more likely you are to receive reviews. 

The importance of customer reviews

As you can see, customer reviews are a cost-effective way of increasing brand trust and driving sales.

However, by delivering quality customer service you can help increase the chances of customers leaving positive reviews about your business. 

At TruFrame, we are focused on helping our customers in the fenestration industry thrive in the digital world, through innovative marketing strategies that deliver results. 

Find out more about what we do to help our customers grow their businesses on our marketing support page, and get in touch with us to see how we can help supply the finest, hand-finished windows and doors to your business.

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