Make your customers feel safe – offer the best in front door security

A front door is the front line of defence when it comes to protecting a home from intruders. It’s not just about keeping them out, though. An entry door also needs to keep a household safe inside. That’s why it’s important to customers to make sure that they buy a front door security system that will help protect both the home and its inhabitants. 

Security accreditations

Providing your customers with doors that have Secured by Design accreditation will help give them peace of mind. For example, our composite doors offer one of the highest levels of security, including TS007 3-star, as well as being BSI Kitemarked and Secured By Design accredited (Police preferred specification).

By explaining these accreditations to your customers and offering high quality and high spec doors, you can give your customers the best choice and help them make an informed decision.

Maximum security locking systems

You can also provide doors with maximum security locking systems. TruFrame offers industry-leading locking systems on our doors as standard, using Yale and Ingenious to offer the best protection for customers’ homes. These well-known household names help the customer feel safe and secure, knowing they have a genuinely reliable locking system.

Door strength

The strength of the doors you offer is also important to customers. 

Not only that, but front door security is an investment. Customers need to know that their front door will be able to stand up to the test of time and keep them safe for years to come. Customers need to feel confident that their front doors are built with suitable materials. From the glass to the door itself, the customer needs to know it has been made to last. Being able to provide options for every customers’ needs will inspire confidence to purchase from you. 

Warranty and Guarantee

Finally, doors that have a guarantee make a customer feel reassured. TruFrame supplies doors with door locks that come complete with both a mechanical guarantee and compensation because we believe in the ability of our locking systems. TruFrame’s residential doors come with a 10-year guarantee against cracking and warping, again proving the worth of the door. By offering guarantees to your customers in the event of a breakage, wear, or break-in, you are giving them much more faith in your product.

For the highest quality security doors for your customers, contact TruFrame today to see how we can help your customers feel safe and secure.

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