uPVC Windows and Doors: Your Supplier of Choice

Our hand finished uPVC windows and doors are fabricated to the highest standards for easy fitting and long lasting performance, with double glazing installers across the UK benefiting from the superior quality and outstanding customer service that TruFrame has to offer.

We work with the Liniar uPVC profile, one of the leading double glazing units in the UK, so that you can offer your customers outstanding windows and doors for their home improvements. Our blog on uPVC windows and doors is here to tell you more about the fantastic service you can expect from TruFrame and the superior double glazing your customers can expect from you.

Centrally Based Premises for Fast Delivery

TruFrame have been in the double glazing industry for over 20 years, so we have extensive experience in fabricating uPVC windows and doors to meet the needs of double glazing installers throughout the UK. Our commitment to customer service means that we will work with you to ensure your order is delivered on time and on spec, making sure that you don’t experience any costly delays.

We know that your reputation is what helps your business to grow, and we wouldn’t be where we are without the superb tradesmen who choose us for their double glazing products. This means we ensure we meet your deadlines and provide the very best uPVC windows and doors possible.

uPVC Windows and Doors to Suit Any Project

Our windows and doors come in a vast array of designs and styles ensuring that whatever project you are working on, we have the perfect match.

Our cost effective standard options are available in a range of window and door styles to complement both modern architecture and traditional aesthetics. In addition to this, we also offer the premium Refine collection for heritage homes and property renovations.

You can tailor each option to be perfectly suited to the property and to your customer’s specifications. Our uPVC windows and doors come in a wide range of colour finishes and woodgrain foil options, and we also offer a variety of hardware and accessories to complete the look.

High Performance uPVC Windows and Doors to Please Any Customer

Wherever you are in the UK, your customers are more than likely interested in saving money through their home improvements. Our energy efficient double glazing will help them do just that. Liniar is renowned for the thermal performance of its products, thanks to the innovative combination of a multi-chambered profile, thermal dam and weather proofing technology.

Your customers will benefit from a Windows Energy Rating as high as A+12, ensuring their home performs efficiently, saving them money through them using less heating. The Liniar profile also features hidden strengthening technology, which makes these uPVC windows and doors among the most secure in the UK without the need for as much steel reinforcement.

We fit our windows and doors with high security locking mechanisms from Yale too, ensuring that our collection of double glazing offer ultimate protection to UK homeowners.

Reassure Your Customers with a Double Glazing Guarantee

Liniar uPVC windows and doors are a superb choice for quality home improvements, and they are also long lasting too. Our range of double glazing is issued with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against warping, rotting and splitting from the date of installation.

Your customers will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that their new uPVC windows and doors will last for many years to come, all with incredibly low maintenance.

Benefits of TruFrame uPVC Windows and Doors

You can see from that there are so many benefits of becoming a TruFrame approved double glazing installer.

You will be able to offer your customers exceptional uPVC windows and doors, with a wide range of choices. Our hand finished windows and doors meet the very highest standards, which is why we are so popular among double glazing installers throughout the UK.

Our double glazing is easy and efficient to install, making your job more cost effective and pleasing your customers. Plus, you will benefit from the support and unrivalled customer service of the UK’s leading uPVC fabricator.

Competitive uPVC Windows and Doors Prices

Why not get in touch with our customer service team and talk to us about your trade double glazing needs? Our advisors are happy to help with any questions you may have, and they are experts in our uPVC windows and doors.

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