How Smart Windows are revolutionising the uPVC fenestration industry

13 November 2019

Similar to the way smartphones enabled phones to have thousands of uses, Smart Windows are now giving homeowners benefits they never thought possible.

While Smart Windows aren’t yet at a point where they can automatically open/close, they are fast being adopted by homeowners and window installers alike.

So why are they having such an effect on homeowners, what’s put them a step ahead of the classic window, and how can installers reap the rewards?

This new technology offers many features and benefits, all of which we’ll be covering in this article;

  • Installer preferences
  • Security improvements
  • Energy saving benefits

Read on to see our take on Smart Windows and how they’re revolutionising the uPVC fenestration industry.

Installer preferences

Something that uPVC installers love about smart technology is its ability to integrate with all kinds of window systems, which means that not a great deal of change is required from their end in order to supply the new tech.

The window frame as a whole remains exactly the same, while just the new technology sits within the internal frame. 

This means that installers needn’t take specialist installation courses in order to supply the product, and they can continue to supply premium uPVC alongside the new technology.

Security improvements

Window security has always been a key sticking point for homeowners when choosing their uPVC windows, which is why uPVC manufacturers have focused so heavily on developing the security of their windows in order to ease the minds of millions of homeowners.

Using top-grade mechanics and an 8-point locking system ensures that when a window is locked it stays locked, however there’s nothing the manufacturer can do to defend against a window that has accidentally been left open.

Which is where Smart Window technology steps in.

Smart Windows are able to bring constant updates to homeowners who forget to lock or close their windows once they leave their house.

This has stirred up massive interest in the UK market, not just because of the benefits the new technology offers to the homeowner in caring for their own property, but also thanks to the fact that they can watch over the security of their extended families’ homes too.

While the security of one’s own home is paramount, some homeowners also have to worry about the security of their relatives’ (or patients’) homes, whether it be to ill health or old age. 

One of the benefits that has evolved from the use of smart technology is the ability to keep an eye on whether others’ windows are open or closed.

Using the Smart Window technology, family members and healthcare providers can be updated automatically if an elderly relative or patient leaves a window open at night or forgets to lock it when out of the house.

Studies have regularly found that elderly people are more at risk of burglary and similar crimes due to the fact they’re more socially isolated than other members of society, so using smart technology to keep the elderly and their homes less isolated is a great step in the right direction. 

Energy saving benefits

Alongside security, the energy efficiency of windows has also become a massive influence on their purchase decision. 

Over the past 30 years, uPVC has been a shining light in this field thanks to its advanced thermal efficiency, however Smart Windows are now bringing new benefits to the highly competitive issue.

Leaving a window open during the winter can massively impact the heat retention in a home, even if it has double or triple glazing already installed. 

By giving homeowners the ability to use their smartphone to check whether their windows are open, closed or locked, they are now able to keep an eye on their home’s thermal efficiency from afar.

The energy efficiency of a home usually comes down to the smallest margins (from the amount of insulation in the roof to the number of air pockets in the windows), so the ability for homeowners to keep an eye on their windows is a major improvement on the previous functionality.

On top of this, thanks to Smart Windows being able to integrate with uPVC windows, homeowners are able to reap the rewards of smart technology without giving up the energy efficiency benefits of uPVC.

Moving forward

The fenestration industry has been constantly moving forward for years, and with growing acceptance of smart technology, it should come as no surprise that Smart Windows are the next step of the journey. 

At TruFrame, we’re always keeping our ears to the ground for improvements that are wanted by both homeowners, and through our ongoing trade support we’re able to ensure our installers keep ahead of the market trends and remain at the forefront of the double glazing industry.

For any other information, get in touch with our customer service team who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Smart Window technology.