Composite Front Doors UK: Combining Quality

Market-Leading Composite Front Doors

Composite front doors stand as an innovative front door options, combining timber, uPVC and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to offer a standard of thermal efficiency, security, durability and performance that stands out on the current market. We are proud to offer a standard of the composite door that will help you to secure complete customer satisfaction.

We utilise the market-leading design from Endurance and Solidor for our composite front doors to ensure you only offer your customers the very best that the industry has to offer. This door stands at the forefront of double glazed door design, combining innovative manufacturing techniques with premium grade materials for quality that lasts.

Exceptional Composite Front Doors in the UK

Composite front doors need to perform outside of being just a focal point for the home in order to excel in all areas, which is why the composite door design that we offer also excels in aesthetic, thermal efficiency and security. The Endurance designs are a quick and simple way for you to offer your customers exceptional quality.

Comprising a 48mm timber core, which is manufactured using 17 high-quality timber laminates, all of our composite front doors offer a standard of build that is 10% thicker than any other solid composite front door on the current market. This means that not only will be you able to offer your customers complete peace of mind, you’ll do it with style.

Our composite front doors can also be installed with high security locking systems to ensure the high standards of security are kept consistent across the whole frame. Excelling beyond function, our front doors can also be outfitted with a range of high quality glazing options that allow your customers to bring a personal touch to their UK home.

Outstanding Composite Front Doors Prices Throughout the UK

To ensure you are able to offer a high degree of installation versatility, we offer three distinct styles across our Endurance composite front doors range. This includes ‘The Classic Collection’, ‘The Urban Collection’ and the ‘Country Collection’. These styles will enable you to cater to a wider demographic, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a potential for more sales as a result.

To enhance customisation further, all of our composite front doors can also be outfitted with a wide range of letterplates, lever pad handles, knockers, hinges, pull knobs and lever handles. All of the letterplates, lever handles, lever pad handles and knockers are available in 7 different colours, with all pull handles available in 3 different colours with an eye-catching stainless steel finish.

Acting as a seamlessly complementary feature to any property, our composite front doors can be tailored to suit all homes throughout the UK. This is made possible by a wide variety of colours, including ‘Irish Oak’, ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Walnut’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Schwarz Braun Black’, ‘Anthracite Grey’, ‘French Grey’, ‘Rich Red’, Turquoise Pastel’, ‘Chartwell Green’ and more.

Accredited Composite Front Doors Security

The Secured by Design security schemes was established by a police-backed initiative to test home improvement products for their performance in crime prevention. This means that any SBD approved product has undergone a stringent and intensive testing process to ensure they offer a standard of security that satisfies the police preferred standards.

All of our Endurance composite front doors meet SBD requirements. This means they have been subject to a manual, crowbar attack on the locking hardware, an unlimited number of 3-minute attacks on the door cylinder with screwdrivers and craft knives, a 3-minute manual attack on using chisels and brick bolsters and a hard body impact test.

To ensure this quality is maintained throughout, the composite front door design that we offer features a 48mm thick BBA accredited Kerto LVL timber core. This design offers security by utilising engineered cross-bonded veneers, allowing it to achieve a CE marked and certified by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, no 184/03 certified standards.

Practical Composite Front Doors

Composite front doors specialise in capturing the aesthetic of wood without suffering from any of the setbacks that normally accompany the material. This means that your customers can enjoy all the benefits of traditional charm without having to worry about their front door rotting, warping or discolouring over time.

As these doors require minimal maintenance for them to keep their pristine appearance, you’ll be able to reduce your aftersales as customers will not only be able to enjoy a standard of quality that lasts, they’ll also be able to do keep their front doors looking fantastic with a simple wipe with a cloth. They will prove themselves to be a fantastic offering.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us today to find out more on our market-leading composite front doors, we are proud to offer highly competitive prices across the board. This means you’ll be able to offer your customers more in a cost-effective way.

You can also get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to our high-quality products, prices or services.

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