TruFrame Announce Expanded Board of Directors

TruFrame have ensured they grow from strength to strength this year by carefully assembling an expanded Board of Directors over the past few months. This allows them to gain a secure foothold on delivering the vision and corporate objectives of the family owned company.

Having seen double-digit sales growth over recent years, TruFrame now stand as arguably one of the top 5 largest manufacturers of uPVC frames by volume. This refreshed leadership comes in line with the announcement of TruFrame investing an impressive £3.2 million into the CAPEX programme.

Remaining true to a family basis, David Firmager still sits securely at the helm of TruFrame’s newest venture as the Managing Director, with his son Patrick in full support. They have also introduced a new Human Resources Director, Eleanor Elliott, who will utilise 16 years of experience to deliver outstanding service across the board.

Tomasz Kosarewicz is using his skills and experience to lead the manufacturing facility as Production Director and Technical Director Martin Burney is in place to oversee training and product research and development. TruFrame truly are firing from all chambers with their continual improvement policy.

To ensure B2B relations are handled efficiently, we have appointed Marketing Director Paul Roper. Drawing upon his experience in a number of B2B and B2C marketing sections, Paul Roper will be looking to put in place an innovative marketing plan for TruFrame and its valued customer network.

These new additions, along with the imminent appointment of a new sales figurehead over the coming months, will join existing TruFrame veterans Jonathan Hill (Financial Director) and Nick Monger (Purchasing Director) who have accrued over 15 years of experience in the business between them.

TruFrame’s Managing Director, David Firmager, commented on times to come:

“Given our business objectives, it’s been imperative to build a structured board of directors to allow us to excel in all business disciplines. We have a vision for the future in place and the new additions will no doubt help us achieve this, while allowing us to further nurture our strong business relationships with customers. I don’t just want TruFrame to be an example of a well-run fabricator in the fenestration industry, but rather a class-leading manufacturing company that’s success is built on business excellence across all functions.”

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