TruFrame Secure Another Happy Customer

The end of March brought news of another happy TruFrame customer, with Spire Glass Ltd sending word that the quality of a TruFrame window had successfully deterred an attempted burglary in the Salisbury area. This was achieved by the outstanding quality of product that TruFrame provide.

The would-be intruder attempted to gain entry by prising open the window sashes, which would have allowed them easy access to the property. This attempt was so unsuccessful that the homeowner only realised the damage when they were cleaning the window boards at a later date.
The attempted break-in was prevented thanks to the innovation and reliability of premium double glazing design. Overall, this shows that choosing to offer products from TruFrame is a proven way to uphold your reputation as a double glazing installer.

The quality of these products is secured by a 4 step, hand finishing process that guarantees a stringent standard of quality across our whole product range. Unique in its application, this manufacturing approach allows us to ensure only the best products go out to our customers.

A unique selling point of TruFrame windows is the Yale lifetime warranty that they are accompanied by. Yale achieves an impressive 98% brand recognition with homeowners, which is an unrivalled statistic when it comes to this sector. This relationship between TruFrame and Yale offers unbeatable standards.

Spire Glass Ltd are a professional and reliable double glazing company, specialising in the installation and supply of high quality products throughout Salisbury. Our team of installation experts allow homeowners to enjoy the highest standards of reliability and professionalism available.

Sam Locke, Operations Manager of Spire Glass, commented on the event:

‘What could have been a potentially disastrous ending to the story, has been thwarted thanks to the quality of the TruFrame window frame and the Yale hardware. The homeowner needs a new window, but doesn’t have to consider the cost of any losses, nor the emotional distress. This is a clear message that product quality and specification has never been so important within the industry.’

TruFrame is one of the top six largest manufacturers of PVCu windows and doors in the UK, standing as the only high volume fabricator to finish every frame off by hand. This allows them to offer a degree of quality that truly stands out across the industry.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame concluded:

‘Every 45 seconds in the UK, there is an attempted burglary and every 76 seconds, it’s successful. So, it’s for good reason that we spend so much time on ensuring our frames are manufactured to the most exacting of tolerances and furnished with what we believe is the best hardware specification, backed up with an impressive lifetime warranty.’

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For further information on Spire Glass, visit where you will be able to browse their comprehensive range of home improvements.

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