How To Help Your Customers Choose the Right Style of Windows and Doors?

“What style of windows and doors should I choose?”, this is a question many homeowners are faced with when they want to improve the look of their homes.

You may be wondering what the best answer is for your customers, or where to find more information on what type of door or window frames suit different styles of properties.

Whilst you’re an expert in installing windows and doors, building aesthetics may not be your fort√©. But customers will often come to expect advice from you, as to them, you’re the expert on the subject matter of windows and doors.

To help with this, this guide provides advice on how to respond to this question, and provides some general advice on building aesthetics.

Why is matching a window and door style to a property important?

There are many reasons why it’s important to match a window and door style to a property. 

One issue of note is kerb appeal. If you don’t match windows and doors, the whole front of the building will look out-of-order or strange.

Importantly, it is also advised to look at the other properties on the street and provide advice that the customer’s house be in-keeping with the general style of the rest of the street. Sometimes, this can be a contentious issue when it comes to maintaining the look of a given area.

Another issue with mismatching styles for some properties is that materials might clash; when this happens it looks like something isn’t finished. Using the same material consistently and using complementary colours is recommended.

To summarise, it’s recommended to look at the rest of the street and pick a style that’s broadly similar. Likewise, it’s important to look at the property in question and ensure that the brickwork and any windows/doors that will remain, will match with the new ones.

Windows and doors style guide: a quick guide to choosing the right window and door style

The type and age of property can make a big difference in which style to choose when it comes to windows and doors. Whilst your customer can often choose any window or door style they like, there are common themes in use across the UK.

Modern homes and flats

Generally, flat owners, those looking to renovate a modern home, or new-build properties, will find that contemporary frames and modern materials, such as bi-fold doors, bay windows, French doors or bifold patio doors, along with slim frames, are commonly used.

The colour choice can be varied, but various blacks, greys, and whites are increasingly common, particularly Anthracite Grey.

Victorian properties

Many people don’t know what type of windows and doors to choose for their Victorian properties. This is because the style can be quite diverse, as it’s influenced by many different factors over time. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow when advising customers about window and door styles for a Victorian property: 

For the windows of a Victorian house, bay windows are often the go-to style.

Sash windows can also be commonly found in Victorian properties, particularly in the form of a “Bay Sash” style, which allows for increased floorspace in traditionally smaller properties.

When it comes to front doors, Victorian properties often make use of a four-panelled design, complete with frosted glass.

A typical internal door has a four-panel construction, often separated by a mullion in the centre. The panels are often flat, not raised. Door handles are often of a knob style.

Country-esque properties

When it comes to country properties, it often becomes quite important to maintain the look and feel of the area, keeping that ‘country feel’.

To achieve this, stable doors are a common choice in country homes, whilst sash windows are also used. But what really creates that country feel is the choice of colour for the windows and doors, which will usually be decided based on the property’s surroundings – Chartwell Green can be a common choice – as it complements the often green-coloured surroundings nicely.

Importance of providing style advice to customers

Some customers may already know what they want for their home. But others won’t and will rely on you for advice.

Being able to offer expert-led advice on windows and doors will help position your company as the expert voice and help build trust with the customer. Failure to be able to answer their query could cause a loss in trust, and subsequently, a lost sale.

At TruFrame, our range of marketing support and product information, from brochures to installation and maintenance, technical and product guides, will help position you as an expert in the field, building trust with customers and helping to close more sales.

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