How energy-efficient windows can help your customers during the energy crisis

31 October 2021

The energy crisis has been a massive issue for many years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better anytime soon. As energy prices continue to rise, more and more people are looking for energy-efficient products to use in their homes in order to lower their energy bills. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how energy-efficient windows help during the energy crisis, providing some talking points when discussing new windows with customers.

Heating and energy bills

Whilst energy prices vary from company to company and location, generally speaking, they have been rising across the board, which has made many people look to find ways to heat their home that doesn’t use as much energy, or find ways to reduce their energy usage.

Energy-efficient windows can save the customer money by stopping heat from leaving the home as quickly. Double glazing in particular will help customers to lower their heat loss, if upgrading from single glazed windows.

Promoting the benefits of new windows in the winter will help increase interest amongst customers, particularly at a time when they may be feeling the pinch.

Home cooling

Single glazed properties are very energy inefficient as they lose all their warm air during winter months, so they won’t be able to retain cool air during summer either! Because of this, customers may invest more in cooling products like fans or air-con, which in turn use more energy and electricity, contributing to the fuel crisis and rise in energy prices and household bills.

With this in mind, don’t focus solely on pushing the benefits of new windows in winter, but also the benefits that new windows can offer during the warmer months. People will often think ahead when it comes to home improvements, and so may be looking towards what they need in the year ahead, rather than the here-and-now.

Windows in need of repair

Windows that require repair will let in draughts, cold air and moisture. Windows that are broken or not sealed properly can contribute to a rise in heating costs. As energy prices continue to rise throughout 2021 – 2022, proper window maintenance and upkeep is more crucial than ever to energy-efficient homes.

Help your customers this winter by suggesting energy-efficient, A-rated windows. They will not only be satisfied throughout the colder months but for years to come, as well as helping out during the energy crisis during the most pivotal time we have seen.

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