Showcase Your Work In The Best Light: How To Take Great Pictures Of Your Work

29 February 2024

For businesses within the window and door industry, showcasing your work through photographs is an essential part of marketing and demonstrating your expertise. 

However, capturing the right image that highlights the quality and detail of your work can be challenging. Here are some tips to ensure that your photographs represent your work in the best light.

1. Lighting is key

Firstly, consider the time of day and lighting. Natural light is typically the most flattering for photography, and the golden hours—shortly after sunrise or before sunset—offer a warm, glowing light that can make your window and door installations look their best. 

Avoid taking photos in the harsh midday sun, which can create strong shadows and overexposed spots.

2. Knowing your angles

The angle at which you take the photo also matters. 

Experiment with different perspectives to find the most compelling view of your work. A straight-on shot can be powerful for showing the symmetry and alignment of windows and doors, while an angled shot can create depth and show the product within the context of the building.

A long shot is useful if you’ve installed a whole house of windows and doors, but ensure to couple it with individual close-ups as well.

3. Using marketing materials correctly

When including promotional boards in your photos, make sure they do not overshadow the work itself. 

The promotional material should be clear but not the focal point of the image. Conversely, pictures without promotional material can focus solely on the craftsmanship and design of the product, which can be useful for portfolios or feature articles.

It’s always a good idea to also take pictures without promotional material in, so that you have a wider variety of uses for that imagery.

4. A friendly face

Involving customers in your photographs can add a personal touch and show the product in use, which can be particularly engaging for potential customers when published via social media.

Similarly, you can help build a personal brand by including team members and fitters in the pictures, which can help amplify reach of the content through social media.

5. Using imagery effectively

Lastly, after capturing high-quality pictures, make sure to use them effectively. High-resolution images can be used on your website, in brochures, and across social media platforms to engage with your audience and showcase the detail and quality of your work. 

These images can also be used in case studies or testimonials, providing real-world examples of your installations.

Getting the most out of your imagery

With a few simple adjustments and considerations, you can significantly improve the quality of your pictures, ensuring they showcase your window and door installations in the best possible way. 

Use these images to tell the story of your work and engage with both current and potential customers.