Everything You Need To Know About Liniar’s Seamless Vented Head Drip

30 June 2023
Updated 17 July 2023

Liniar, the leading double glazing systems supplier in the UK, continues to pioneer industry-first solutions with the launch of their patent-pending vented head drip. This innovative component addresses the challenges posed by recent updates to Part F building regulations, which require additional ventilation in new and existing homes. 

Unlike conventional solutions, Liniar’s vented head drip offers a seamless colour finish that preserves the aesthetic appeal of windows and doors while replacing the exterior trickle vent, rather than simply concealing it. This groundbreaking product showcases Liniar’s commitment to meeting consumer demands and driving industry advancements.

Maintaining Stylish Appearance

Liniar understands the importance of aesthetics in the design of windows and doors. The vented head drip is available in both white and foiled finishes, enabling seamless integration with various architectural styles. By eliminating the need for an exterior trickle vent, Liniar’s solution maintains the sleek and stylish appearance of windows and doors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of buildings.

Compliance with Part F Building Regulations

The recent update to Part F building regulations necessitates increased ventilation in both new and existing homes, often achieved through the installation of trickle vents. However, the appearance of these vents has been a concern for consumers, and the availability of suitable trickle vents has posed a challenge for the industry. 

Liniar’s vented head drip effectively addresses these issues by replacing the conventional trickle vent with an integrated and discrete ventilation solution. This not only ensures compliance with the regulations but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Innovative Design and Functionality

Liniar’s patent-pending vented head drip is the result of meticulous design and engineering. By seamlessly integrating the ventilation system into the head drip, Liniar eliminates the need for additional visible vents on the window or door frame. This innovative approach not only improves the appearance but also enhances the functionality of the system, providing efficient and controlled ventilation while preventing draughts.

Seamless Colour Finish

One of the standout features of Liniar’s vented head drip is its seamless colour finish.

Unlike alternative solutions that rely on separate components or cover-ups, Liniar’s vented head drip offers a cohesive and uniform appearance. This attention to detail ensures that the ventilation system seamlessly blends with the overall design of the windows and doors, delivering a visually appealing result that satisfies even the most discerning customers.

Liniar’s patent-pending vented head drip represents a significant leap forward in providing ventilation solutions that marry functionality with style. By offering a seamless colour finish and replacing traditional trickle vents, Liniar ensures compliance with building regulations while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of windows and doors. 

Architects, builders, and homeowners can now enjoy the benefits of efficient ventilation without compromising on design. With its commitment to innovation and expertise, Liniar continues to lead the industry and provide game-changing solutions that shape the future of fenestration systems.