Make Double Glazing Digital: What’s Needed To Succeed In The Digital Era?

In recent years. technology has been at the heart of businesses with many companies having to adapt and evolve to keep up with the competition – the double glazing industry included. 

From social media to digital scheduling, advancements in technology have greatly impacted how businesses operate. 

But, what does this mean for the double glazing sector? 

In this article, we take a closer look at how your double glazing company can thrive in the digital age. 

How to be a successful, modern double glazing company 

Social Media Savvy 

Social media has slowly become a part of our everyday lives, with most people having a social media account. 

This presents an opportunity for businesses to reach a larger client base and attract new customers that wouldn’t necessarily be possible offline. 

Dedicating time to your company’s social media and engaging with potential customers is a perfect way to utilise social media to your business’ advantage.

Social media is also an effective tool in creating greater brand awareness and increasing brand loyalty. By interacting with customers on a more personal level, it helps to shape a more positive image of your brand with a wider audience. 

Interested in learning more about how your double glazing business can benefit from social media? See our how to use social media guide. 

Invest in aftercare 

When most people think of customer service, the first thing that comes to mind is the service provided before or during a sale or service, however, providing a quality aftercare service is integral to creating happy customers that drive future growth. 

A quality aftercare service can be argued to be as important, or even more important than providing a first-class sales process – but is often neglected. It could be the reason why new customers become loyal customers. 

Digital tools exist to help make this a much easier process to put in place.

Whether it is a live-chat customer support system, replying to customer queries through social media, or even just making it easier for customers to contact your business regarding any questions, any service provided post-installation is all involved in the aftercare service. 

Investing in a quality aftercare service can go a long way in ensuring a customer feels valued and appreciated, thus increasing customer satisfaction. 

For more information on how a quality aftercare service can save your business time and increase business, see our quality aftercare article. 

A swift sales process 

Thanks to technology the sales process provided by double glazing companies has never been easier (and faster).

For example, online quoting tools and digital appointments have slowly become the norm and mean that customers are able to receive a quotation without the need for a face-to-face consultation or a barrage of phone calls. This can help increase trust.

The ease of the sales and installation process is integral to the success of a business as customers are more likely to acquire the services of a company if it is a simple process of doing so. 

By utilising digital tools, companies can ensure that the initial stage of the installation process is simplistic and efficient and, therefore, encourages customers to follow through with the installation. 

Get started by choosing a supplier you can trust

As you can see, by embracing digital, businesses in the double glazing industry can take advantage of all the benefits that technology possesses.

But, as important as technology is to the fenestration industry, it is crucial that the products that your company installs are of the highest quality for ultimate customer satisfaction. 

At TruFrame, our dedication to innovation means that all the windows and doors that we manufacture are not only of exceptional quality but are pushing the industry forward through innovation. 

We strongly believe that there is no substitute for quality craftsmanship, which is why all of our frames are all hand-finished with a close eye for detail. Like the fenestration industry, TruFrame is always adapting and growing. For more information on all of our products and what we can provide for your business, get in touch with a member of our friendly team and they will happily answer any questions you may have.

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