3 Reasons Why You Should Always Offer Brochures To Customers

It’s true that we live in a digital era now, but sometimes people want something tangible. When someone is looking to make home improvements, they will likely research online and then call or visit your business for more information. It’s important to offer brochures so that when customers are going through their homes with the brochure on hand, it reminds them of your brand and keeps you fresh in their mind.

Let’s take a look at the three key reasons why a brochure is vital when selling windows and doors.

There are many benefits to having sales representatives offer customers with physical copies of brochures for home improvement projects. There are three key reasons why digital alternatives like websites cannot replace the benefits of having a hard copy brochure. 

First, customers want something tangible that they can hold on to and look back at when considering home improvement projects. For some, it’s easier for them to compare in this manner.

Second, it is important for your business to keep fresh in the mind of customers while they are continuing to conduct research. Its a branding exercise and is vital to ensuring that a potential customer doesn’t put you to the back of their mind.

Thirdly, not every customer is ready to commit when they first visit your showroom or website, but by having your brochure on hand it can be a physical reminder of what you have to offer and keep customers from forgetting about you.

Whilst it might seem at odds with the digital age, even people who visit your website will often want a brochure. As mentioned, it can be easier for some people to compare with something physical, rather than having to view multiple websites at once. Sometimes, a brochure can convey important features and inspirational imagery in a more appealing fashion than a website.

A customer’s journey and how a brochure plays an important role

It can be easy to think that just having a website and a showroom is sufficient. And for some, it is. But a customer often doesn’t convert at the first sight of seeing your business; in fact, there is a journey that a customer takes before becoming a lead.

Your showroom is important, but it’s often not the end-game

They may come into your showroom having walked down the high street, popped in to take a look at your range of windows and doors, and then asked a few questions. But they are not necessarily ready to commit to a purchase at this stage.

It is likely that they will want to conduct further research, and that’s fine. But what you want to avoid is that, once they get home and conduct further research, they forget about your business and what it offers. That’s where the brochure comes in.

A brochure is a lasting memory

A brochure will provide a physical memory of your business and its products, allowing customers to browse through at their leisure, look at inspirational imagery, review the features and benefits, and importantly, compare against brochures they have obtained from competitors.

Having then thoroughly examined the brochure and made their decision, that is the point at which a customer is likely to convert.

Brochures as a catalyst for social media success

A brochure is a great tool to aid your social media success by attracting customers who may not have any pre-existing interest, or who are in the research phase of their journey.

Think about it.

If you’re in need of new windows or doors, it’s not social media that you turn to. You turn to search engines, such as Google, directories, such as Checkatrade, or recommendations from family and friends.

You don’t go to Facebook and perform a search for a window or door company. You may ask for recommendations from local area groups, however.

So where a brochure can make a difference is through targeted paid advertising on social media. It’s a great lead generation tactic, as it doesn’t require someone to be ‘in the market’ by asking for a quote, but just requires a small amount of their interest, enough to want to explore the possibility of new windows or doors, in order for them to be willing to submit their contact details in exchange for a brochure.

This helps increase your lead generation efforts for an audience that may not have had much of an interest to begin with.

Not having a brochure could lose you business

If a customer doesn’t have a brochure to hand, it’s possible they could have forgotten about your business, or at the very least, not remembered everything you offer and what the unique selling points are compared to your closest competitors – an important aspect to winning a job.

When a competitor offers a brochure and you don’t, that’s a disadvantage to your business.

It’s easy to see how a brochure can be an important part of your business, and if you’re not offering them already then it could be worth considering.

A partner that gives you the tools you need to succeed

At TruFrame, we focus on giving our customers the tools that they need to help make their business a success.

We achieve this through tailored marketing support, and the supply of marketing materials designed to help you do what you do best: sell windows and doors.

By becoming a TruFrame customer, our helpful team will work to provide you brochures, complete with your own company branding on.

Contact our team today to find out how we can help your business with handmade windows and doors, and tailored marketing support.

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