Tru support: delivery and handling

24 July 2019

TruFrame supports you and your business every step of the way. 

From the moment products are ordered, right up to the delivery of these orders, our installers rely on us to supply their business with high-quality uPVC products that support their high-quality service.

Having been working with trade organisations for over 25 years, we’ve listened to their priorities and have perfected our business model to support them in the best way possible.

Read on to see how TruFrame has achieved such a great reputation in the uPVC fabrication industry, as a result of the trade support we offer.

Our vision

As a uPVC installer, you’ll understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the competition. 

We believe the TruFrame difference lies in our passion for quality products.

From day one, our vision has been to provide all of our trade outlets and retail installers with the best products, customer service and craftsmanship at a competitive price.

So much so that we continue to work towards these goals in our day-to-day running of the business.

Thanks to our UK manufacturing plant, installers needn’t wait weeks for their orders to be built, shipped and delivered. Instead, our uPVC installers benefit from quick-turnaround delivery, both for uPVC doors and windows. 

Lower wait times not only put installers one step ahead of their competition in terms of deliverability, but it also means the delivered products are less likely to have been damaged in transport (having travelled hundreds of miles instead of thousands).

Our years of experience in supplying uPVC products has allowed TruFrame’s trade support to be fine-tuned specifically to the needs of uPVC professionals.

Quality over quantity

Supplying Liniar uPVC means that our products are second-to-none. Sporting the most advanced materials, innovative designs and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, Liniar uPVC is a gold standard product.

And with quality products, come quality processes.

Quick delivery shouldn’t come at the cost of a quality product, which is why our premium standards don’t just stop at the end of the production line.

Bespoke delivery vehicles ensure our frames are delivered safely. Using specially-designed holding compartments and corner protectors minimises the risk of damage to the glass or the frame; this, in turn, ensures that our customers won’t have to delay installation due to receving faulty products.

On top of this, our focus on transparency allows our customers to know exactly what stage their order is at throughout the entire process, allowing them to pass great customer service onto homeowners.

For more information on how we constantly work to deliver a quality service, visit our 9-step process page here.

Customer care

From marketing support to the high-quality precision and manufacturing of our frames, TruFrame aims to help your business through every stage of the sales process. 

Customers are also able to take advantage of our handy lead-generation tool on their website. Using QuoteBuilder, installers can offer homeowners an easy-to-use, custom specification tool that results in huge amounts of homeowners requesting quotes.

For more information on how we support our customers, visit the trade support page on our website.