Is It Possible To Start a New Double Glazing Company Today?

Competition may very well be stiff in the double glazing industry in 2020 where, for each location across the UK, there seems to be a dozen different double glazing installers.

But how easy or difficult would it be to launch a brand new double glazing company today?

There’s much more to consider than there was 40 years ago: GDPR, health and safety, strict building regulations, employment law, worker rights and much, much more. 

And so in the admin sense, it’s much harder to get up and running than it was a few years ago.

And then the question begs, is it even worth it?

There are so many double glazing installers across the UK that every homeowner is spoilt for choice. Are there any opportunities or gaps in the market to be had?

In this article, we’ll be exploring these topics and seeing if you can indeed, launch a double glazing business in 2020.

What to consider

Every company goes through numerous decisions and considerations before launching. 

Whilst we can’t write about all of them, we’ve handpicked what we think are the most important things to consider in the double glazing industry.


Many double glazing companies are proud to be family-run businesses operating in the area the owner was born and being proud of their heritage.

This makes for a great backstory and helps warm the hearts of potential customers and gives respect to the business from people within the community because the business will be helping the local economy in driving the area forwards.

Realistically, your local region is probably where you would set up. But it’s not necessarily where you should set up business.

If you’re in an area where there are 10 different double glazing companies, competition is extremely high and you will be competing with your rivals on quotes and for customers. 

However, if you’re setting up your business where there’s only 2 or 3 double glazing companies, the opportunity for custom is much higher and in the long-run, more sustainable.

So it’s worth considering your location and looking at other locations.


Now that you’ve established where you want to set up shop, it’s important to know what products you want to sell.

Do you specialise in one or two areas such as windows and doors, do you do a full range of products and services such as conservatories, roofs, double glazing repairs and replacements? Or do you focus on simply one product line.

It makes sense to first, see what your competitors are doing in your area. If they’re not offering aluminium based products, then that could be your angle and way into being different but competitive.

So assessing your competition is a great start.

But in most cases, you’ll want to offer windows and doors because ultimately, you’re a double glazing company and that’s the core products and services they offer.

Adding something different alongside that could be your nice and route into the industry.

It doesn’t even have to be the product line however for you to find your niche.

Digital experience

Offering a fully digital experience to homeowners could be something your competition isn’t offering.

Allowing them to choose the products they want, enter their measurements and specifications and then be offered a free, no-obligation quote could set you apart from the rest.

And that’s what our QuoteBuilder tool does, it puts the design aspect and choice into the homeowners’ hands without you having to entice them to your showroom or schedule a home appointment to show them an array of products and services they may be interested in.


It’s important to be competitive whilst still maintaining a cost-effective pricing strategy.

You want to assess everything from top to bottom, what your maintenance costs are to run a double glazing company, how much it would be to buy from your supplier, what the margins look like and how competitive you can be in relation to your competition

Don’t price yourself out of the room! But don’t be so cheap that you may be wondering “how much more could I have gotten for that job?” or worse, suffer a financial loss after the work has been completed.

And what’s important to note, is that more often than not, price really doesn’t matter when all is said and done.

A recent survey was conducted by CERTASS where homeowners believe product-quality is much more of an important buying decision than the actual price of the installation is.

That’s why you need a supplier who can offer you the best double glazing products on the market.

Where to find the right supplier

Getting the right supplier is important for your double glazing business.

If you want to take no time in getting up-and-running, you need a supplier who is just as serious about your company as you are.

Someone who can deliver your products to your installers quick and stress-free without having any damages or breakages during the delivery process.

And wouldn’t it be nice if you had an installer who you could rely on and someone who supports you through the whole process?

We here at TruFrame can deliver on all of those points and we make it a priority that every double glazing installer we work with is up-and-running in no time, carrying out the best installations for customers, with the best products on the market.

Because at the end of the day, if your business does well, we do well and it’s a positive reflection on both your new double glazing company and ours too.

So get in touch with us today if you’re a brand new double glazing company and you’re looking for a supplier you can rely on. Or even if you’re thinking of changing suppliers, see what features and benefits TruFrame can offer your double glazing business.

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