Window Scrappage Schemes: Everything you need to know

8 August 2019

There is much debate regarding window scrappage schemes in the double glazing industry at the moment and TruFrame wants to address this hot topic to make sure you (and your customers) aren’t being misled.

In this article, we will address some of the most important and pressing questions a lot of people have regarding the schemes;

  • “Is there a uPVC window scrappage scheme?”
  • “How can we get involved?”
  • “What actually happens to old uPVC frames?”

Our aim is to inform our installers to be able to confidently answer any questions your customers may have on the topic.

What is the window scrappage scheme?

Most companies offering a window scrappage scheme claim to give Government-backed subsidies back to the homeowner once they’ve purchased new uPVC windows. The deal involves the company scrapping or recycling the homeowner’s existing window frames, then replacing them with subsidised, better frames.

However it’s important to note that, as it currently stands, there is no Government-backed window scrappage scheme and nor is it something that is promoted within the industry.

While it’s true that homeowners could be losing money through poor-quality window frames, by shopping around for high quality, energy-efficient uPVC windows, it is in fact this which will actually make the greatest financial impact in the long term, not by signing up to a window scrappage scheme.

Most homeowners see through the marketing-led campaigns, however, it’s not hard to see the allure of jumping on this apparent deal.

Imagine as a homeowner: one company can give you £2,000 cashback if you replace your windows with them, compared to another company that doesn’t offer said deal. You might be a bit suspicious, however, the deal would be a no-brainer.

So how can uPVC installers ensure they remain ahead of the game, when other companies are offering massive amounts of cashback to their customers?

Luckily, the window scrappage scheme has discredited itself due to the high amount of spam calling that companies are putting out to unsuspecting homeowners, resulting in many complaints heading straight back their way. On top of this, many consumers are able to see the forest for the trees regarding deals that are ‘too good to be true’.  

It is simply a marketing campaign that’s fooling homeowners into believing the best opportunity to save money on their windows (and therefore their energy bills as well) is by joining a false scheme.

How can we get involved?

As a uPVC installer, the best way to treat this scheme is to avoid it and instead use superior-quality frames as one of your key differentiators from the competition.

We believe serious uPVC frames equal serious customers, which is why our installers can benefit from unparallelled quality.

Using Liniar uPVC, our installers can benefit from a 10-year guarantee, hundreds of colour/design/hardware combinations, as well as a Secured By Design accreditation.

One of the key things that window scrappage schemes offer is the fact that they seem to be eco-friendly (both in terms of recycling the old frames and providing new, energy-efficient frames), therefore educating yourself on the topic and highlighting the fact that your uPVC installation company takes eco-friendliness seriously will also be a big pull to homeowners.

What actually happens to old uPVC frames?

There are processes in place which lead to old frames being disposed of; mainly being shredded, granulated and micronised. From the granulated product, they’re then recycled and used to create new uPVC frames to be installed, giving them an increased lifespan of over 300 years.

Using 100% recyclable, multi-chambered uPVC, our frames are ‘A’ rated in terms of energy efficiency. Educating yourself on the topic increases the chances that customers will trust your company over money-saving schemes. 

Discover how eco-friendliness can set your uPVC installation company above the rest.

By being aware that these schemes are sly marketing techniques, you’ll be able to shed light on the many questions that homeowners will undoubtedly have, and place your company as a trustworthy and reliable industry contact.

Where can I find out more?

Using TruFrame’s trade support, you can offer services that scheme-reliant companies simply won’t, such as 24-hour turnaround times and unending marketing support, including the use of our handy QuoteBuilder tool on your website.